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          西雅圖不眠夜 Sleepless in Seattle
          1.Work hard! Work will save you. Work is the only thing that will see you through this.努力工作吧!工作能拯救你.埋頭苦干可令你忘記痛楚.
          2.You make millions of decisions that mean nothing and then one day your order takes out and it changes your life.你每天都在做很多看起來毫無意義的決定,但某天你的某個決定就能改變你的一生.
          3.Destiny takes a hand.命中注定.
          4.You know, you can tell a lot from a person's voice.從一個人的聲音可以知道他是怎樣的人.
          5.People who truly loved once are far more likely to love again.真愛過的人很難再戀愛.
          6.You know it's easier to get killed by a terrorist than get married over the age of 40.你知道,女人過了40想出嫁就難了,被恐怖分子殺死都比這容易.
          7.You are the most attractive man I ever laid ears.你是我聽過的最帥的男士.
          8.Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't love you? 為什么留戀一個不愛你的人?
          9.When you're attracted to someone it just means that your subconscious is attracted to their subconscious, subconsciously. So what we think of as fate, is just two neuroses knowing they're a perfect match.當你被某個人吸引時,那只是意味著你倆在潛意識里相互吸引.因此,所謂命運,就只不過是兩個瘋子認為他們自己是天造一對,地設一雙.
          10.Everybody panics before they get married.每個人婚前都會(勵志名言警句 , 勵志格言大全)緊張的.
          11.Your destiny can be your doom.命運也許會成為厄運.
          12.The reason I know this and you don't is because I'm younger and pure. So I'm more in touch with cosmic forces.之所以我知道而你不知道是因為我年幼純潔,所以我比較能接觸宇宙的力量.
          13.I don't want to be someone that you're settling for. I don't want to be someone that anyone settles for.我不想要你將就,我也不想成為將就的對象.
          14.What if something had happened to you? What if I couldn't get to you? What would I have done without you? You're my family. You're all I've got.要是你出了事怎么辦?要是我找不到你怎么辦?如果沒有你我該怎么辦?你是我的家人,你是我的一切.

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