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          《木偶奇遇記》讀后感 Impression on The
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            The Adventures ofPinocchio is a novel for children. It was written by the Italian author CarloCollodi. It’s about the naughty adventures of Pinocchio and his poor father. Anangel gives life to Pinocchio, so that he starts his adventures. If he wantedto become a real boy, he must pass the test of courage, loyalty and honesty. Duringhis adventures, he cuts class for fun and treated because of greed. He turnsinto a donkey because of his naughtiness. Besides, he is punished. Once hetells a lie, his nose would be longer. At last, he falls into the belly ofabig whale and meets Geppetto accidentally. After the adventures, Pinocchio finallygrows up. He turns to be honest, hard-working and kind and he becomes a realboy. This story tells us that honesty, hard-work, courage and kindness are themost important to us.

            《木偶奇遇記》是一部寫給孩子的小說。它的作者是意大利作家卡洛.科洛迪。這是關于比諾曹的淘氣歷險和他可憐的父親的故事。一位天使給了 比諾曹生命,因此他開始了他的冒險。如果他想要成為一名真正的男孩,他就必須通過勇氣,忠誠和誠實測試。在歷險過程中,他因貪玩而逃學,因貪婪而受騙。最后因此變成了一只驢。除此之外,他還被懲罰了。只要他一說謊,他的鼻子就會變長。最后,他落到一只大鯨魚的肚子上,并偶然遇到了皮帕諾。經過這次歷險,比諾曹終于長大了。他變得誠實,勤奮和善良,并且成為了一個真真正正的男孩。這個故事告訴我們,誠實、勤奮、勇敢和善良對我們來說是最重要的。

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